Blue Dot Strategy

Scott Campbell or Elizabeth Lancaster
15 Benfield Street
PO Box 376
Warkworth ON K0K 3K0


Blue Dot Strategy is a consulting firm that believes that for profit companies can be powerful agents of positive change in the world. Making a profit and making a difference in the world don`t have to be in opposition to one another! We work with the leaders of companies who are committed to this vision.

We bring our expertise and our best strengths, to enable your business to excel at four things critical for your success: (1) designing a business model that maximizes your impact and profitability, (2) creating powerful strategies to accomplish your goals, (3) aligning your organization`s people, processes and structures around your strategy, and (4) equipping your leaders to inspire your people, realize your vision and help change the world.

We are passionate about our clients` success because when you succeed everybody wins. You. Your employees. Your customers. Your community. And our world.