Agricultural Heritage

Steeped in agricultural tradition, the countryside surrounding the village of Warkworth still engages in this livelihood. Third and fourth generation farms host the major operations; however, several changes are evident. The size of farms has increased and new ventures have evolved. With the advent of technological improvements, one family farm now encompasses land that might have supported 10 families in the early 1900’s. Dairy and beef are still the main venues, followed closely by cash cropping and pork. One major poultry and egg production operation has been a family mainstay for the past three generations. In recent years, sheep farming is on the rise along with specialty agriventures - maple syrup, honey, bison, elk, llama, ostrich, horticulture (fruit, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants) and organic market gardening. Farm gate sales are a specialty of the area.

Although agriculture is the 5th largest industry in Percy Ward, many of our local farm families supplement their agricultural income with off-farm employment. Farmers, young and old, inexperienced, hobby and veteran, gather at the Warkworth Farm Supply to seek advice, purchase supplies, and promote their products. Organizations, that traditionally were a part of agriculture, such as 4-H and Women’s Institute, open their doors to all members of the community. On the second full weekend in March maple syrup production is highlighted at the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival. The Percy Agricultural Society organizes the Warkworth Fall Fair, held each year on the weekend in September following Labour Day.

Agriculture is alive and well in the countryside surrounding Warkworth. Do drop by for a taste of our heritage.