The Warkworth Town Hall Centre for the Arts

40 Main Street, Warkworth / Booking Info: 647-227-9935
Town Hall Centre for the Arts by Mary Weilandt
Photo by Mary Weilandt

Rent the Hall for Your Next Event

The Warkworth Town Hall Centre for the Arts is maintained and supported by volunteers of the Warkworth Business Association in cooperation with the Municipality of Trent Hills. Our community facility offers a beautiful, historical venue to accommodate and enhance your event.

The Warkworth Town Hall can be rented for mornings, afternoons, evenings, full days or multiple days at reasonable rates. For more information regarding our community facility, rental rates and booking routines please view our Town Hall Rental Form.

Booking Location!

Winker’s Nook
39 Main Street, Warkworth

Contact Name:
Lana Taylor
Cell: 647-227-9935

Winker’s Nook Store Hours:
Tuesday – Friday, 11am – 4pm;
Saturday, 10am – 4pm;
Sunday, 11am – 4pm;


Seating capacity for about 100 people.


Musical/Theatrical Performances
Dance Classes/Performances

Temporary Venues

Art/Photography Exhibits

Private Functions

Receptions/Family Celebrations & more

Photos by Bob Leahy and Mary Weilandt

Town Hall Rental Form


June 2019

Everything you need to know about renting the Warkworth Town Hall Centre for the Arts.

Great for all types of events