The Branch Ranch

Jessica York
52 Bagley Road, Warkworth, On

The Branch Ranch offers sales of dried basketry willow, workshops for basketry and garden items from April through November each year and living willow structure kits, willow rods and willow cuttings in April. In addition, we also have an annual Christmas sale and periodically offer workshops not directly related to willow. The best part is, no prior experience is required for most of our workshops.

The Branch Ranch logo

Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre

The Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre
Ixchel Suarez
341 Covert Hill Road
Warkworth, Ontario K0K 3K0

The Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre is a non-profit educational arts organization that explores art forms through traditional and contemporary mediums. Through our programs and our community outreach, we create and provide an intergenerational, non-judgmental, artmaking and learning opportunity for women, younger adults living with disabilities and older adults. Our mission is to foster intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth, connection and wellbeing through arts and culture. Facilitating welcoming intergenerational programs where individuals can exchange creative knowledge, celebrate cultural diversity, and establish lasting connections within their own community.

We work in collaboration with School Boards and partnership with support of institutions such as the Trillium Foundation, Community Living, LightHouse for Grieving Children, Sheridan Older Adult Centre among others.

Everyone is welcome at our Centre.

Cheeky Bee

21 Main St.
PO Box 99
Warkworth ON K0K 3K0


Cheeky Bee Gallery

Cheeky Bee has been a market leader producing 100% pure beeswax candles by hand for over 15 years. Sold throughout Canada, US, Europe & Japan, our candles stand out in a crowd. Cheeky Bee Gallery features original art and fine crafts from across North America. Truly a remarkable space with extraordinary originality.

Douglas Morlock Blacksmith

Douglas Morlock
82 Main St. PO Box 238, Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0

Douglas Morlock has been forging art in metal since 2003. His workshop creates hand-wrought furnishings, tools, sculptures and fine jewelry, among many other things. Open to all, a gallery space displays fine metal art from across the country, and regular classes are offered for those who wish to explore this ancient craft.

Frantic Farms Pottery & Glass & Gallery

Frantic Farms Pottery & Glass & Gallery
Monica Johnston
2 Mill St.
PO Box 261
Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0

Monica Johnston and Paulus Tjiang welcome you to Frantic Farms Gallery. Since 1985, they have lived, worked and loved side by side to make functional pottery, whimsical blown glass lighting and art. Their work is complimented by a carefully curated selection of fanciful metal folk art, clocks, and jewellery, made by friends and colleagues.


Donna Bennett
P.O. Box 1413
6698 County Road 30
Campbellford, Ontario K0L 1L0

Westben is where music and nature spring to life! Nestled amongst the hills of Northumberland County, in Trent Hills, 15 minutes from Warkworth, near Campbellford, Westben’s has three outdoor venues for concerts. The custom-built, timber-frame barn that seats 400 , the new Willow Hill, grassy amphitheatre and the cozy campfire venue. Imagine sunshine, smiles and fresh country breezes while listening to everything from pop, classical, jazz, comedy and music by our neighbours from Alderville First Nation! Westben opens its 25th Anniversary Season of Live Concerts and Experiences June 14, 2024. The two month festival will feature over 70 artists in 26 concerts plus a musical. But Westben is more than just great performances, it is an unforgettable experience. Gourmet picnics on the meadows, curated wine and beer selections from the Milk Shed, pre-concert chats, guided nature walks on a neighbouring Nature Reserve and a chance to relax by the pond all make Westben a unique place to be.