Cakes by Jus

Jus Vikse
45 Percy Street
Warkworth ON K0K 3K0


Cakes by Jus is the ‘lovechild’ of SOS Lounge.

Ironically it was initially created as a new element for my original business during COVID. But since its conception, the business has blossomed into its own.
Let me introduce myself.

I am Jus and it’s nice to meet you.

Art has always been an element of my life on many levels, so it seemed natural to transition it to molding, sculpting and painting with edible materials. In this fashion, I create something beautiful for you, incorporating your vision and keeping your individual fine points in mind.

Because of the personal time it takes me to mold and sculpt these sugar details, the final product may cost more, but it will elicit utter joy and leave a permanent memory.

I liken the gift of cake to induce the same type of reaction as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. When you meaningfully plan something that tells a story for someone important to you, the recipient’s reaction is often more than one can begin to imagine.

My passion lies in creating wedding cakes or similarly pretty floral minutiae, but quite often I am asked to create whimsy, humour and uniqueness. For either artistic balance I can assure you that my dedication lies in nurturing every client’s request.

So, let our interaction begin with a phone call, email, or FB business message.

Then we can collectively start to…
…design magic together.

Our Lucky Stars Cafe & Coffee Roasting

Elizabeth Aikenhead
16 Main St.
PO Box 119
Warkworth ON K0K 3K0

Cell: 416-895-6003

Our Lucky Stars

Fair-trade, organic coffee roasters - Espresso - Homemade from scratch, all natural treats & lunch - vegetarian & gluten free options - charming atmosphere - friendly staff - proud to feature many local ingredients & suppliers - family owned & operated! Ask about our accommodations.

Pizza by The Bakery

Jessica or Jason
705-308-BAKE (2253)
The Bakery
2-B Mill St
Warkworth ON K0K 3K0

We are a family run bakery in the beautiful village of Warkworth. We believe in creating and sharing delicious, quality baked goods by sourcing the best local ingredients. We have been instilled with a strong belief that food cooked with love, for loved ones and family, will always taste better. We have everything you need including Fresh Bread, Pies, Butter Tarts, Cookies and Frozen Prepared Meals. Call ahead and we can have your weekend meals ready to go!